Endowment Donor List

Endowment Donors, First Quarter 2015
FY Aug 1-Oct 26, 2015)

(*) indicates monthly giving



S’80    Pandora Frazier*



F’83    Jemma Boler*

Martina E. Chavis*

S’80    Evelyn Cross

F’78    Raefette B. Helton

F’83    Willie R. Johnson*

S’82    Soraya Pickett

S’80    Selecia R. Scott



Joyce J. Bell

S’82    Camille Boston-Washington

S’82    TaWanna A. Gates

F’83    Verna M. Goodman

F’83    Marta W. Gore*

S’80    Linda F. Hill

S’82    Tonya A. Jeffreys

S’82    Teresa T. Pender

S’80    Juanita Kelly Perry

S’82    Barbara B. Smith

S’83    Wilhelmina Spinner

F’87    Catherine Williamson- Hardy

S’80    Anitra Williams

Total giving between Aug. 1 –  Oct 26, 2015:



Donor Report for Last Year
FY July 31, 2014-July 31, 2015)


S’04    Kewanda D. Merritt & Line sisters



Martina E. Chavis





S’80    Pandora Frazier

F’83    Willie R. Johnson




F’83    Marta W. Gore

S’95    Janelle E. Morrow

F’83    Andrea B. Nesmith

S’76   Bettina C. Shuford

F’83   Regina D. Upshur



Wanda E. Allen-Abraham

S’76    Christopher N. Boozer

F’83    Deborah R. Breese

F’87     Tatia M. Davis

F’83    Melanie S. Haile

Merrill W. Henderson

Phaedra B. Holley

S’80    Sheila Mitchell-Green

F’78    Vernese D. Pledger

Brenda J. Sexton

S’82    Barbara B. Smith

S’82    Linda F. Smith

Annette E. Taylor

F’85    Teresa H. Vincent

Alicia C. Williams

Philana N. Woods


Total giving $4,094.19**
FY Aug. 1, 2014 – July 31, 2015

**Every effort has been made to present an accurate account listing of our donors. However, there still may be errors of omission. If your listing is incorrect or your name has been omitted, please provide your correct information by contacting NCCU Gift processing at 919-530-7785. If your automatic monthly contribution has been discontinued, please consider continuing it with this form